PrTMS for Your Practice


PrTMS can be added to your existing medical practice, sports facility, or wellness center. If you currently have a Medical Doctor on staff, you may qualify to be a new PrTMS provider.

PrTMS in Your Practice

Learn more about the benefits of utilizing the PrTMS therapeutic approach in your practice, and the levels of support provided by PeakLogic.

Put PeakLogic PrTMS to Work in Your Practice

PeakLogic is committed to ensuring that physicians, other healthcare professionals, administrators, and all other office staff are completely prepared for success with PrTMS (both clinically and operationally).

Growing Your Practice

Offering PeakLogic PrTMS therapy in your clinic provides a unique opportunity to help patients while also growing your practice. Adoption of this innovative new therapy lends the potential of your practice seeing considerable added revenue opportunities.

PeakLogic provides:

Training, resources, and tools to help facilities get started using PrTMS

Ongoing consultation and support to ensure your success using PrTMS in your practice

On-site training ensures that you and your staff are confident using the system.

PrTMS Facility Finder service (Your practice will be added to our website’s database for patients to see)